Digital Cannabis Art, of defined rarity, for the discerning Cannabis collector.

CannaCollecta™ is proud to offer limited series drops of curated Cannabis NFT collections that reflect the cannabis community's passion for the miracle plant, its people and its history.

Prohibition Period:
1930 to 1960

Welcome To Canna Collecta

Cannabis NFT Collections

CannaCollecta™ is a producer and curator of limited edition and exclusive digital art in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for the global Cannabis community. Working with a carefully selected team of artists, coders, lawyers, influencers, and promoters, CannaCollecta™ aims to produce curated collections of ‘art-i-facts’ that reflect the cannabis community’s passion for the miracle plant, its people, and its history.

If you love to collect things, the wonderful world of weed offers a lot of options. And now through NFTs, the digital world of the Cannaverse allows for this also….

Watch this space for our next collectable series for the Cannabis community. Launching soon….

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